Ordering Books


For thirty years we’ve been tending to the book needs of our friends and neighbors from our bookshop on Pleasant Street in Blue Hill.  We’ve been using the tag line, “Search Globally, Buy Locally” since the internet became a factor in the book business and we hope you’ll continue to do just that. 

If you find a book while browsing the internet, copy and paste the title, author, or ISBN (the 10 or 13 digit book number) into an e-mail using the link to our e-mail address    bluehillbooks@myfairpoint.net   Or, if you have a snippet of a title you heard on the radio or from a friend and you can’t quite remember the title, send us what you have and we’ll research it.  We’ll let you know if we have the book in stock or if we can order it and how long it will take.

We hope you find value in having a local Independent bookstore in your neighborhood.  By clicking the link above and and sending us an e-mail, or calling us by phone, or by coming into the shop, you will be in conversation with real booksellers, in a real place, ready to help.


26 Pleasant Street

Blue Hill, Maine



Call:    207-374-5632


Send Us an E-mail Order: 

Click on our e-mail address to open your e-mail program                                                                                                                                                                          bluehillbooks@myfairpoint.net